Meet the characters of the Immortal Savior world. Feel free to ask them all of your burning questions. They love to chat.

Eliza North (AKA Elizabeth Mason) 

The Immortal Savior. She is a fierce survivor and fighter. Eliza's favorite color is aqua. She loves her funny t-shirt collection. She's hopelessly addicted to chocolate chip cookie dough, soda, and singing along with the car radio.

Braxton Slater: He has many fun talents including changing shape, dematerializing, and telepathy... not to mention bedroom talents.  His favorite color is green and he loves to sing in the shower. 


If I catch you snooping around my house again, I will drive a silver stake through your heart, and remove your very pretty head. Have a nice day. She turned and left.

...Liza-Vengeance least she thinks my head is pretty.



Liza and Brax's story begins in Vengeance Immortal Savior 1


Adara HeliosPhoenix. Her biggest guilty pleasure is convenience store junk food. Her fiery personality is a challenge for any man, but I think Jace might be up for it.

Jace WaylenSecond in command of the North Wolf Pack. An expert at making things go BOOM! One of his favorite pasttimes is sparring with Liza, but that might change now that his feisty redhead is back. He's a lighthearted man unless you threaten someone he loves, then look out.

Layla Drexler: She's a kind and caring mate, mother and friend. She spends her days running the pack house and chasing little Isaac. Taking care of the members of the North Pack helps fill the hole in her heart left by baby North.

Shane North: Alpha of North Wolf Pack. A strong leader, loving husband and father. He spends his days trying to build the pack and shirtless fulfilling his honey-do lists from Layla.

Jovey 'Jo' Morris: Empath and feisty ER nurse at Layton General Hospital. As Liza's best friend she's privy to the immortal world. Her biggest pet peave is messy sheets. She doesn't take any crap from anyone and especially not a gorgeous shifter with eyes she could lose herself in.

Oh I'm sorry were you expecting me to get all girly and clingy after one bout of sex with the great and powerful Detective Owen... Jo-Acceptance


What the fuck? He wasn't used to women walking out on him and he didn't like it... Cowboy-Acceptance



Owen 'Cowboy' Reynolds: Team medic and Layton Detective. His southern charm and sexy surfer looks make him easy to spend time with, but he has his sights sent on a spunky nurse.

Julie Dowen: Xray technologist at Layton General Hospital. Julie is a shy girl with secrets that will put her into serious danger. 

Sam Evans: Loves a good party, bartending and his pack. The scar on his right jaw, and his vintage Harley complete the sexy badboy look.

Luke North: Shane's brother and tech expert. Luke loves Kung Fu movies and mint chocolate chip ice cream right out of  the carton.  He struggles with the wolf that shares his soul for control. 

Eric 'Viper' Carpenter: Young but powerful vampire spy working for The Organization. Viper loves women and they love him... well most do anyway. His easy going, sarcastic personality make him easy to like.

Smitty: Fae handler at The Organization. Favorite pasttime includes harrassing his friend Brax.


Alice: Eliza's Great Grandmother and Fae Priestess. Her charming delicate features conceal a very powerful magic user. Don't get on her wrong won't live long enough to regret it.