Immortal Savior

Vengeance, Immortal Savior Book 1

Published March 2015


This award winning paranormal romance has something for everyone; tragedy, hospital humor, sadistic psychopath and of course intense, passionate love.


It’s been years since Elizabeth escaped from her hellish prison and became Eliza North. In that time, she found a family, career, and friends. She learned the skills of a warrior and through that she discovered a fierce independence. Then the nightmares began. She knew her own personal demon had found her and was coming for her. This time she was prepared…she would face the hell from her past... this time she would win.

Braxton Slater roared into Layton on a mission of revenge. He was hunting the monster that took his mate a century ago. What he found was a new reason to live. A reason to not succumb to the death he so desperately wanted. A beautiful, sassy brunette who was being hunted by the same monster that froze his heart years ago. 


. . . A past she can't hide from . . .

. . . A love she can't fight . . .

. . . A destiny she never expected . . .​​​​​​​​​





Awakening, Immortal Savior Book 2

Published July 2015

Sparks fly when Jace Waylen finds Adara Helios, the woman who broke his heart, locked in the cell of a dungeon.


Liza and Brax have completed their bond. She feels like she can start moving forward with her life, but destiny has other plans for the Immortal Savior. She must learn to accept and control the new abilities awakening within her before its too late.



Acceptance, Immortal Savior Book 3

Published October 2015

Liza and Brax are back to Layton. Liza accepts her destiny and Alice teaches her how to control her new abilities.A dark plot is revealed, but who is behind it and what is coming to Layton.


Jo and Owen's attraction to each other is building. Owen is a lighthearted playboy. Used to getting what he wants, and he wants Jo.


Jo is Liza's feisty BFF. Her attraction to Owen is strong but she's fighting it... for his own good.

Redemption, Immortal Savior Book 4

Published June 1st, 2017

In this final installment of the Immortal Savior Series many questions are going to be answered. Liza is preparing for her final battle with her father whom she believes is the source of an evil plot to take over humanity. However, new information comes to light that causes Liza to question her destiny as the Immortal Savior. Can she really fulfill the path destiny has laid out for her or will she dig deeper to find the truth?


Sam Evans and Julie Dowd have been battling inner demons and broken hearts for many years. Julie inadvertently finds herself dragged into the middle of the impending battle between good and evil. Will they learn to love?

North's Legacy, Immortal Savior Novella

Published July 2015

An early arrival and a cancelled flight lead to a magical evening shared between two shifters. The next morning they go their separate ways, but can't stop thinking about each other.

A few months later... Tragedy strikes resulting in their reunion…

Can they forgive and find a future together?



This is a stand alone novel featuring Shane and Layla's story